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Work with a true cloud based ERP solution

Comprehensive Tech Stack

With DEAR you will be able to provide a comprehensive Platform for Inventory based business.

Grow Your Business

Work with DEAR to provide market leading solutions to the ecosystem and business owners across the world.

Partner with DEAR

Partner with the leading platform in the cloud Inventory Management space.


We offer priority Support, free demo account, help to get familiar with the main system features, initial phone call with account manager


Our implementation partners can receive up to 20 {cb377218d5687e54e8ee9149518f87201a393a7c1db5e8076e9d750029ec0dc3} of the subscription revenue from the clients they subscribed or one-off payment for every new customer subscription for referral partners.


Get priority access to new features that DEAR rolls out for its partners to help you scale up and turn your business into the next big thing.


Comprehensive access to technical documentation, step by step setup guide and tutorial videos to assist you to get up to speed as a DEAR partner.


We can help promote your company to people looking for DEAR as a solution for their business. Get listed on our partner directory for no additional fee.

Frequently asked questions

What is DEAR Systems?

DEAR Systems, is a cloud-based inventory management solution that’s designed with wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors in mind. Our system has enabled the business to automate their internal process, reduce human error, save time and gain insight with accurate reliable data of their stock and customer habits allowing them to scale and grow.

Is DEAR Partner Program free?

Yes, there is no fees to become a Partner with DEAR, we just need commitment from you.

How do I know if DEAR is a good fit for my client?

Thousands of stock-based business use DEAR for their inventory management, but every business is unique, and we’ll help you scope out whether your clients could benefit from DEAR.
When you refer a client to us, our team will conduct a full scoping session to establish suitability of DEAR to your client’s needs.

Does DEAR integrate with other cloud services?

Yes, we do. DEAR integrates with a wide variety of different applications in the ecosystem, our integrations to other application are built internally and managed by us. DEAR customers can seamlessly synchronise their data across all platforms. View all integrations with DEAR on our Integrations page.

Do I get access to a DEAR account?

Through the partner portal you can access your free DEAR account — and the accounts of any clients that you’ve referred.

Can I have more than one account?

As a DEAR Implementation Partner, we’ll give you one fully functional DEAR account for up to 5 users to use and get familiar with DEAR, test out business case scenarios and use for training and demonstrations.

Do I receive any money?

As a DEAR Implementation Partner, you will receive an ongoing revenue share from the subscription fee from new business generated by you to DEAR. The revenue share is 10{cb377218d5687e54e8ee9149518f87201a393a7c1db5e8076e9d750029ec0dc3} to 20{cb377218d5687e54e8ee9149518f87201a393a7c1db5e8076e9d750029ec0dc3} of the subscription amount.

What training and support will I receive?

As part of our onboarding process, we’ll give you and your company a walkthrough session to cover in detail what you need to know about DEAR and cloud inventory management. We will also cover the Partner Portal and registering new clients to your Partner Portal. You will get access to Monthly Deep Dives to deepen your understanding of DEAR.

Become an Implementation Partner

Advanced software is just the start. The DEAR Partner Program provides software, marketing leads, training, promotional material, dedicated support and more.