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Streamline fulfillment with a cutting-edge WMS.

Turn your warehouse into a hive of productivity while reducing costs and speeding up order fulfillment. All it takes is an effective Warehouse Management System.

WMS: the secret to success for warehouse-based businesses.

If your product lives in warehouses, you need a Warehouse Management System — and advanced software delivers the best management system on the market. From wireless barcode scanning to real time visibility and more, DEAR’s Warehouse Management System offers multiple features to make your logistics operations more efficient. It communicates in real time with your backend to reduce order receiving errors, while the handheld Scan SKU mobile barcode scanner verifies orders, alerts users of discrepancies, creates item labels on demand, captures product numbers and more.

Every Feature You Need

DEAR WMS comes with every feature you need for a more seamless, error-free and faster moving warehouse operation.

Wireless Scanning

Wireless barcode scanning offers improved order picking and a greater level of productivity than ever before.

Guided Walk Paths

Guided walk paths help your warehouse team get more done in less time by optimizing the picking process.

Real Time Visibility

Improve your fill rate and your revenue with real time visibility of your inventory quantities and location at every second.

Serial and Lot Numbers

Easily use the Scan SKU mobile barcode scanner and the intuitive DEAR WMS interface to capture product serial or lot numbers.

ScanSKU hardware

The Scan SKU mobile scanner is versatile, durable and simple to use with minimal training and designed for reliability and heavy use.


Error-free Packing Process

Eliminate costly errors in the packing process with the order validation features of DEAR WMS which ensure accuracy.

Alert on Order Discrepancy

Get immediate alerts on any type of order discrepancy in real time so it can be addressed proactively and inexpensively.

Print Shipping Labels

Printing shipping labels is a breeze with DEAR WMS, as they can be printed on demand with wired or mobile printers.

Streamline Your Put Away Processes

The DEAR WMS application also offers a directed put away function to walk users through the warehouse and point them to the right location for the received items. Users can automatically assign bins to an item and easily move items between bins. DEAR knows where the items are at all times.

Start Saving Time and Reducing Errors Today

Errors in your warehouse processes can be costly and time draining. We guarantee that DEAR WMS will help save time and lower errors in your pick/pack, receiving and put away processes.

All Features Included.

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