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New Release 10-Jul-2016 – Customer statements, Additional Purchase and Sale Attributes, new Financials for Quickbooks Online

Release Notes 10/07/2016. Changes in the upcoming release

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest DEAR Inventory enhancements, below you can find a list of new features and improvements to existing functionality.

Customer statements

Sales Statements have been added in Sale>View All Customers. Sale Statement Activity and Sale Statement Outstanding can be printed or emailed directly from the Customer List.

Additional Attributes sets

Additional attributes functionality has been enhanced to provide options for attributes beyond simple text fields. Now 3 types of attributes are supported: Selection from pre-configured list of values, text and Boolean (checkbox). All modules where additional attributes are available have been enhanced.

Purchase and Sale Additional Attributes

Additional attributes have been added for Purchase/Sale tasks to allow you to collect further info/categorise your purchases and sales. This feature can be enabled in General Settings and available for data entry in Logs & Attributes tab of Purchase/Sale forms. Support for Xero tracking categories mapping, in DEAR API, Reports, and document generation.

Barcode Scanning enhancement

Scanning has been implemented for Finished Goods, Issue to Production, Stock Transfer and Stock Adjustment modules.

Transactions breakdown

New feature has been added to the Logs & Attributes tab within all Purchase and Sale tasks, it provides ability to see General Ledger impact of the task in an easy and convenient way.

SKU auto-generation

New products can now have automatic SKU assigned upon creation (only when creating in DEAR UI). SKU pattern can be customised in General Settings.

New Opening Balance feature

This option has been added to provide ability to specify account opening balances and easy creation of related outstanding Purchase/Sale documents prior to conversion date. This task also allows importing and managing initial Stock on Hand and Fixed Assets (not for Xero) with ability to change unit cost and account of previously uploaded initial stock on hand without voiding of any related transactions.

Opening Balance feature can be found in Settings>Reference Books.

Issue to production CSV upload

Import/Export of CSV for Issue to Production task (similar to Sale Order import/export)

UI localisation

DEAR can now be switched to Chinese Traditional language. DEAR can now be translated to any language and we welcome any suggestions for future translations.

New fields for contacts

“Job Title” and “Mobile number” fields added for Supplier and Customer contacts. Related csv templates and import/export formats updated. New mail merge fields added for document generation for these fields.

Email enhancements

Email UI has been improved in Sale/Purchase tasks. It now allows adding any contacts to To and CC fields with selection from the list of available contacts.

Auto-focus on Search

Most screens with lists will now auto-focus Search control when loaded.

Payment Terms

New payment term option ‘Days since end of month’ is available now.

Custom sales rep for Sale channels

Every sale channel can be associated with custom sale representative to group sales via different online channels under single entity in your accounting software.

New Financials Module available to Quickbooks Online and DEAR stand-alone users

Creating Receipts and processing expense claims

You can now easily enter and receive reimbursement for personal funds used for business purposes.

Fixed Assets management

New feature has been added to help solve a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition and depreciation status of your fixed assets.

New product type Fixed Asset has been introduced. It supports special registration and processing in purchase, sale, issue to production and Finished Goods task. Registered Fixed Asset product supports different depreciation methods.

Money Movement management
– New alert added to Dashboard indicating if bank accounts are configured correctly.
– New reference book link to Bank Accounts page added with reconciliation overview and different actions related to bank accounts.
– Bank statements can be loaded into DEAR and reconciled against bank account transactions. Bank rules can be used to automatically distribute payments to Purchases and Sales in DEAR.
– Money Spend, Money Receive, and Money Transfer tasks have been introduced.
– Journal task has been introduced to create custom transactions.

Documentation and video tutorials will follow official release of functionality above.

Chart of Accounts Management for stand-alone use

For option when no integration with other accounting software is active DEAR now allows full management of chart of accounts. Exporting/importing to/from CSV, editing any account details, creation of Bank accounts with special required details.

All Features Included.

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