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New Release 11/11/2013 – Kitting, Auto assembly, Multi-level BOM, e-Commerce enhancements, Additional reporting options

Kitting / Auto assembly & Multi-level bill of materials.

Kitting/ Auto assembly feature now available in DEAR Inventory. Kitting or Auto assembly can be set for products with a Bill of Materials. At the time of sale these product will be automatically ‘assembled’ and will include all items that form the kit.
In a manufacturing scenario the bill of materials with auto-assembly flag will be used to create a ‘parts list’ for a work order. When you create a work order, you are preparing to produce a product. The ‘parts list’ indicates the material and quantity that you will need. Bill of materials may contain sub-assemblies that in turn have auto-assembly flag set and system will also let you expand sub-assemblies and see components they are made of.
Kit products can be sold online and the system will assemble them automatically given you have sufficient stock of components the kit consists of.
New report is coming to show BOM structures for not auto-assembled products.

Goods received tab

To cope with big number of rows in received grid we added enhancements to allow a high number of items. Testing has been done with 2ooo items.

e-Commerce integration

Option to disable stock update in your online shop was added to eBay, Magento and Shopify configuration pages. If you don’t need your stock updated just select this option.
In eBay catalog, new button was added – Download Products from eBay. This will let you load products from eBay store and avoid data entry.

Locate the products you are selling or manufacturing on the web.

Supplier Product URL was added to product maintenance form. Assembly Instruction URL was added to product maintenance and to finished goods task. Save time by finding required product on the web. Now you can keep your references in one place.

Improved import of payment records.

Payments are checked now on duplication. Users can create payments in DEAR for the purpose of printing an invoice and sending it to the customer. But when a payment is processed in Xero, the actual payment amount with correct dates and reference number will be copied, and if required, will override previous payment records.

Additional reporting

Product availability report was enhanced to include Category and Stock on hand columns. Also Export option has been added to allow exporting to excel.
Sales by product summary report now has Sales representative field that can be used to calculate profit at sales representative level.
Sale Order Pending report has been added. You can instantly see all orders and products you still need to deliver to your clients.

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