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New Release 22-Jan-2017 – New Sale Module with multiple fulfilments/invoices and credit notes, lock periods, potential kit quantity calculations, WET Tax

What’s new?

New Sale Module allows multiple fulfilments/invoices and credit notes per single sale order.

The new sale module will run in parallel to existing functionality for some time and will allow creating multiple fulfilments (partial pick, pack and ship), invoices and credit notes per sale order. This means that you no longer have to use Split Order functionality when you are unable to ship the entire order due to insufficient stock and do not wish to create multiple invoices for the customer, simply create a partial shipment and complete the order once you have the required stock.

Product images shown in sale order drop downs and grids

Product images are now displayed both in drop downs and grid when selecting products in sale order (available in new sale module only)

New general setting: Show invoice before fulfilment.

New general setting to control the workflow of enhanced sale module allows selecting the order of tabs with ability to show invoice before order is fulfilled.

New general setting: Allow sale order no allocation.

When enabled, new option provides a way to authorise a sale order without allocating stock. Currently only available in new sale module.

New action for sale order: Mark as Fulfilled.

Marking the order as Fulfilled will remove stock allocation in cases where picked quantity is less than authorised quantity in order and you do not plan to ship the rest of the goods.

New action for sale order: Mark as Closed.

Same as Fulfilled but it also removes this sale from reports which show ordered but not invoiced sales (when ordered quantity exceeds invoiced).

Quantity field added to additional charges in purchases and sales

Quantities for service type products are now available in the general sale module (previously quantities for service type items were only available in Service Sale). Service product quantities can be viewed in various sale reports available in DEAR.

Accounting Lock period support added to all modules

DEAR now supports Account Period Lock date which can be set in General Settings to prevent transactions from being edited for closed accounting periods.

“I sell this product” attribute added to Product setup to allow hiding not sellable products in sale module.

Product list will now be filtered in Sale Module only by products which have been marked to sell. Scan and csv import function will still allow to add not sellable product to sales.
Reference field

Reference field has been added to Stock adjustment, Stocktake and Stock Transfer tasks, visible and searchable in View All.


New mechanics for stock movements with cost update to keep information regarding historical cost changes

It is now possible to build stock on hand report for specific date, while cost change will inherit effective date of the transaction which caused inventory cost to update (date of manual journal in purchase). Cost update logic will comply with Lock Period and will not update any transactions in locked period.

Additional attribute fields will be added to product list view

Additional attributes assigned at the product level will now be visible in View All Products list.

Availability calculations performance improved throughout the system. Potential kit quantity calculations introduced

Stock availability calculations have been enhanced for better performance.
Potential available quantities for kits/assemblies (when Auto-assembly is enabled in Bill of Materials) is now automatically calculated per location in all relevant places and updates integrations when quantity of components changes.


Cost of components will now automatically update when cost of original disassembled product changes.

Tax management

Taxation rules have been reworked to allow any number of tax components per tax rule and correct support for compound tax (WET). In addition it supports mapping of different liability accounts per component.

Sale List view

View All Sales screen now allows 3 different views, General, Accounting and Fulfilment. Search has also been improved to allow to searching sales by tracking number.
Data readability improved by adjusting font size to fit in the cell if cell width is not sufficient.
Accounting view shows quotes, invoices and credit notes of the same sale task as separate lines.


Reorder section now shows all products paged with search.
Purchase/Sale tabs on dashboard only load data when opened, improving page opening performance and reducing page size.


All reports with date range as parameters now have a combo box with some common pre-set ranges for dates to simplify reporting.


ProductAvailability endpoint now has additional Available field providing info about normal and potential kits products.

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